We have recently added the ASNU GDI adapter.  This  allows us to test GDI and Natural Gas injectors.  Call for more information.

Gasoline Injector Service

Gasoline Inj. Service


Gasoline Injector Service


Our 8 step process will improve fuel economy and performance.


  • Injectors are externally cleaned and visually inspected.
  • Injectors are tested for resistance, inductance, shorts and current draw.
  • Injectors receive leak tests, spray pattern examination and flow rate tests.
  • Injectors are ultrasonically cleaned and back-flushed.
  • Injectors are tested at various pulse widths from cranking to 10,000 RPM.
  • Filter baskets, O-rings, and pintle caps are installed, if applicable.
  • Injectors receive a final cleaning and placed in plastic bags.
  • A comprehensive test report is prepared and returned with the injectors.


Injector Type:


Bosch MPI $22.50 Each
Bosch CIS $22.50 Each
Honda Keihin $22.50 Each
Lucas MPI $22.50 Each
Multec Disk Type $22.50 Each
GM TBI $22.50 Each
Bosch TBI $22.50 Each
Holley TBI $22.50 Each
Nissan MPI $22.50 Each
JECS MPI $22.50 Each
Vortec Assembly (6 cyl) $135.00 (Assy.)
Vortec Assembly (8 cyl)

$175.00 (Assy.)

 GDI                                 $30.00 Each

CNG                                 $30.00 Each